A widow takes her life and finds herself trapped in limbo. She is approached by a guide spirit who tells her that the only way for her to move on is to make it to the end of limbo.


Verdigris is a  ghost who resides in Limbo. He is helping Dusk get into heaven so that he can redeem himself as well. He is constantly bummed out by the fact that he can’t use his wings to fly. He can only glide. It's a sensitive topic for him.


"Dusk" suffered major depression after her husband’s death. Soon after, other bad events happened in her life that hurt her both financially and emotionally. After a few years she gave up trying and took her own life, only to end up still struggling in Limbo.



Pride is an enigmatic entity that manifests itself in the shadows of Limbo. He commands the demons who ruin and drag human souls into hell when they fail the tests of Limbo. Pride rarely leaves his lair nor pursues souls himself, but he has a personal score to settle with Verdigris.

Early Development
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